Avoiding beauty salon disasters

So many of you bounce around from hairstylist to hairstylist because you can't seem to get the style, color or care that you want. Hair appointments can be nerve wrecking for many reasons but mainly because you don't know how your hair is going to turn out. Take a look at a few tips that I put together to help you get the BEST OUT OF YOUR HAIR APPOINTMENT

1) Choose a licensed professional

Being licensed does not guarantee that the stylist knows every style in the book but it does gives you some level of assurance that the stylist has the basic knowledge on how to maintain the integrity of your hair

2)Do your research.

Look through the stylist pictures, website and watch their videos if they have any. Give them a call and schedule a consultation. Ask as many question as you can before moving forward

3)Take a picture of what you want

A) Visuals are very important when telling people what you want. Asking your stylist for layers can land you face framing layers instead of layers for volume.