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Exploring hair care myths

Did you miss our last Facebook Live session? Here's your chance to catch up. I discussed the myths of hair care and how it is preventing you from having healthy hair. Some of these myths have been passed down for generations but many were created by product companies to get you to buy products.

1) Split ends

There is no way to fix them

Trimming split ends will not help your hair grow

2)Hair stops growing at a certain point. FALSE!!!

3)Washing your hiar weekly will dry your hair out. FALSE!!

If you're using mineral oils, you should wash weekly

Product build up will cause harm

4)Natural hair is strong. FALSE!!!

Black hair is the weakest. Our tight curl pattern makes our hair dryer and weaker. The tighter the curl, the weaker the hair

5)Black hair grows slower than other races. FALSE!!!

All hair types grow 1/2" a month

6)Braids will make your hair grow faster. FALSE!!!!

7)Braids/ weaves/ ponytail will break you hair. FALSE!!!

8)Pills/ Vitamins will not make your hair grow.

Hair growth is affected by genes and hormones

Prenatals only improves the quality of hair by replacing vitamin that you lack

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