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The process of starting and maintaining locs is a very rewarding experience.  Starting locs doesn't have to be difficult, tedious, or a frustrating transition; however, with proper professional maintenance and care the journey can be done with ease and style.  



Micro Locs are about half the size of a pencil. Similar to Sisterlocks. This service includes a shampoo and a deep conditioning treatment. $600 for the first 5hrs of installation.  $65 for each additional hour.


This is a process. Your locs will start off thinner and a bit finer. Over time, it’ll go through what is called a budding period. This is when the hair actually locs and starts to appear denser. 


You’ll need less maintenance once you get to this point (6-8 months). Leading up to this point, you’ll require an appointment every 4-6 weeks. This timing is based on what’s going on with your hair (ex.Some of the shorter hair strands might slip out and need to be maintained).




Initial install:

2-3 sessions (weekly or as close together as possible)



Monthly for 3-4 months 

Every 6 weeks after that.

$95 first 2 hrs

$35 additional hrs

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